Around 83% of our understanding of the world is taken in visually. Without access to this information, an individual’s ability to understand or participate in given situations can be heavily reduced.

Non-verbal cues are a prime example of this. They provide significant insight and feedback in any given social interaction, while also playing a pivotal role in the building and development of friendships and relationships. Lack of awareness of these given cues can be a great source of anxiety and aggravates feelings of isolation.

Cue glasses are looking to provide real-time feedback of non-verbal cues in social settings. Since its conception, Cue Glasses has won multiple competitions at AKQA, Deloitte and Bath Innovation Centre. It is now being developed in collaboration with the Design Council.

Although still in early-stage development, we hope with your continued support we can turn this potentially revolutionary product into reality. 



Ben Wylie


Business Strategy


Jacob Jelen


Tech, Design, Engineering


Andy Shipley


Engagement & Insights

Theo Windebank

Software Engineer

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